Jaar: 2018

Supremacy 2018 line-up

An army of superior men will make the fifth nightfire burn. This is the full line-up of Supremacy 2018! Watch it at supremacy.nl/line-up

Supremacy 2018 trailer

No force is greater. No bond is stronger. The end that the faithless always feared is coming.

A relentless onslaught will ignite the fifth hellfire. The meaning of superiority will be redefined. Watch the #Supremacy2018 trailer now.

Tickets are available at supremacy.nl/ticketshop

Tickets for Supremacy are now available

Supreme army!👊🏼

Tickets for Supremacy 2018 are NOW available! Make sure to get your tickets in time at here. See you at the 29th of September!

Ticket sales Supremacy 2018

Mark your calendars! 🚨
Ticket sales for Supremacy 2018 start on May 26th at 10:00 AM.